• Children
• Mother
• Socio-economically back ward people
• Poor and Marginalized Section of the society.
• Rural Backward People/Handicapped persons.
• Fisherman community
• SHGs /SHGs under SGSY Scheme.


With very limited resources “Sarifnagar Shishukalyan Samity”, at present running, two Pre Primary Education Centers at Kantiberia and Sarifnagar villages, under Mandir Bazar block of South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. The school caters 105 poor needy children of 3 to 5 years age group, belongs to these villages. With a very nominal honorarium along with full dedication 6 lady teachers manage these centers and facilitate the learning process for the children, with the help of learning aids which motivate these youngsters and prepare them for admission at Primary School of the area.


Our organization is running a Free coaching center for class V to X at Choto Chira bus stop of Mandir Bazar block of South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. As on roll today there are 55 very poor and needy students being provided free coaching. This centre is being managed by 4 dedicated teachers who with very little honorarium, facilitate learning process to these needy students. The annual examination result of this centre is exceptionally good and few students among them also got their place in merit list. It is a matter of proud & privilege for SARIFNAGAR SHISHU KALYAN SAMITY that being a committed friend of the poor & disadvantaged, this year SSKS  helped 105 poor and needy school going boys and girls provided needful assistance in the form of [1]Supply of Test Books & Other Learning Materials. [2] Schools dress(s) & also provided [3] School fees, where it was necessary.



Sarifnagar Shishukalyan Samity is running MCH-E project with the help of Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC), Sonarpur, Kolkata, for improving the health of mother and children living in Mandir Bazar block (in Kecherkur G.P. covering two village Sarifnagar and Kantiberia) with foremost focus on addressing a better and comprehensive health service to the mothers and children and to upgrade of the nutritional status of malnourished children. In addition to this Rotary Club of Sonarpur West Bengal also extended their help in this project.


Priority based activates have undertaken under MCH-E program are follows-
• Identification of pregnant mother in the community.
• Referral pregnant women for ante-natal care.
• Referral for High risk cases in pregnancy.
• Referral of pregnant women for post natal care.
• Integrated Management of childhood illness.
• Facilitate new born care including child immunization
• Management of severe acute malnourished(SAM) children.
• Follow up of moderate acute malnourished (MAM)children.
• Promote institutional delivery.
• & Ensure safe home delivery, where there is no alternative.

Women Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation & Income Generation

Up to financial year 2015 –2016 SARIFNAGAR SHISHU KALYAN SAMITY has formed 46 Self Help Groups [SHGs] consisting of poor & marginalized women of society. In each SHG, there are one group leader, one secretary and one treasurer and the membership of SHGs limited to 15 members. SARIFNAGAR SHISHU KALYAN SAMITY formed these SHGs with sole objective to organize disadvantage poor and women from marginalized section of society, train their members to acquire basic knowledge of income  generation for their self reliance. Every year SSKS, for smooth operation of SHGs, conducted various training and awareness programs, which provide them knowledge of income generation based on locally available material Resources and developed Systematic Rice Intensification [SRI] Technique, Cultivation of Sunflower etc, and advancement under micro saving and credit scheme. In addition to this, seminars, meetings and rallies being organized to create awareness about prevention of bride torture, dowry and alcohol consumption. These programs become highly successful & popular by active participation of rural women. Several AWARENESS CAMPS were organized on important topics by SSKS, for target population including women. During last financial year SSKS organize campaign on consumer protection, women empowerment, health awareness, Immunization, environmental pollutions and anti-tobacco campaign.


This project being organized by SARIFNAGAR SHISHU KALYAN SAMITY through sponsorship of Rotary Club of Sonarpur, Kolkata. Every year during winter season Rotary Club organize a veterinary camp for the farmers & cattle owners of Mandir Bazar block of District South 24 Parganas, West Bengal at Sarifnagar Village where the Veterinary
surgeon create awareness among the cattle owner about common diseases prevalent in Cows, Buffalos, Goats, Hens, ducks & poultry birds, of the area, provide necessary treatment, distribute medicines and also advice them about those cases (if any), which have to be referred to District Hospitals, of the area.


Under this program SARIFNAGAR SHISHUKALYAN SAMITY conducted a base line survey regularly, after a gap of one year, to identity the actual needs of the target people and at the same time make SSKS well conversant with their socio economic status. On basis of this survey till date SSKS conducted training programs on[1]Capacity Building program for women in leadership with respect to SHG Management[2] Training on Brotochari to cultivate discipline, moral & cultural values among adolescent & [3] Training about functioning of Panchayati Raj Institutions.