About Us



Build up such a society where all people will enjoy equal right and having access to equal opportunities.


Ensure the sustainable development of poor and marginalized people to improve quality of life through economic empowerment and economic self-reliance, education, information, infrastructure development, health care provision along with convergence of services provided by local self governments.


The organization is governed by a managing committee which is an elected body. As per last biannual election 2016 the elected management Committee is as under.

The overall management of SARIFNAGAR SHISHUKALYAN SAMITY is entrusted to the above mentioned committee. Beside these for successful execution of any Project/Program, SARIFNAGAR SHISHUKALYAN SAMITY having core team of dedicated volunteers and workers, who carry out day-to-day activities. To assist them at village level, there are people’s committee and beneficiary committees, who ensure people’s participation in the process of development projects/programs.

Goals of the Organization

• Promote practices for completely safe motherhood for women and 100% child survival on birth.
• Make available health and Preschool Education service to the rural poor.
• Ensure economic empowerment through SHGs by providing them Skill development, Capacity Building and Income Generation Program trainings.
• Provide relief and rehabilitation services during disaster.

Focus Area of the Organization

• Health & Nutrition
• Education
• Empowerment
• Livelihoods and women’s empowerment