This vast world is like a stage where men come and go back again after completion of their respective roles during their limited period of stay here at this age –long tradition  of  coming  to and going back of men from this world indicates in reality that “the Death is the inevitable and  ultimate result of every birth.” That is why, men try to make this inevitable death glorious”.

The basic significant identity of human being is that they are social beings. Mutual Co-operation is their ladder for advancement, sacrifice for the cause of others, brings their happiness and their existence is announced through the sweet bond of love and friendliness, while disintegration beings a sad end to the very existence of mankind on this planet. Selfishness is the principal barrier to the advancement. So, while we came across the manifestation of serving mankind in history and literature over the ages. NGOs are in recent years becomes a means of carrying on the long standing advancement of mankind: In the present scenario of globalization, its necessity and importance cannot be undermined.

Tagore said, “Collective   development comes through individual development”. If the backward people who are lagging behind economically and socially, can be made aware, after including them into several clusters within a specified project area, the overall development of the said area can be ensured. Almost every one of us is surrounded by a lot of problems in this age of globalization. If we sit idle instead of trying to solve these problems and give up dreaming about prospective future, then human civilization, development of science and technology, will become void.

Our motto in SARIFNAGAR SHISHUKALYAN SAMITY put efforts to come closer to men& women, understand their problems and ultimately win their heart through social service. Due to our limited resources though there is a possibility of failure in many spheres, but we never stop our efforts, as we are confident that ultimately in social services we will achieve success undoubtedly.

Goals of the Organization

• Promote practices for complete self motherhood and child survival.
• Make available health and Preschool Education service to the rural poor.
• Ensure livelihood through SHG by Skill Development, Capacity Building and Income Generation Programmee Etc..
• Provide relief and rehabilitation service during disaster.


• Health & Nutrition
• Education
• Empowerment
• Livelihoods and women’s empowerment